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Souffleurs d'Images training in French

an event for cultural institutions in French-speaking switzerland

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We are joining forces with SOUFFLEURS DE SENS, an association whose aim is to promote access to culture and the arts for all people with disabilities. Together, we want to introduce the Souffleurs d'Images service for the first time in French-speaking Switzerland.

What is the Souffleurs d'Images service?

The Souffleurs d'Images service develops a human and personalised mediation. A volunteer prompter (art student, artist, guide, etc.) is trained by the association in guiding and promptering. Then, for the duration of a show or exhibition, he or she describes the elements that are invisible to the blind or partially-sighted person. The Souffleurs d'Images service is designed to help blind and partially-sighted people live independently by giving them access to the cultural event of their choice whenever they want.

To this end, we are organising various training courses at the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Museum during the week of 28 October 2024. Join the movement to make culture more accessible!

Two women are seated at a table in a square photograph. On the left, a woman in a grey jumper is touching a thermo-inflated reproduction of a work of art. On the right, a woman in a brown jumper appears to be explaining its contents.
Square format photo. Inside a museum. The photo is divided into two parts. In the foreground, the left-hand section shows a painted portrait of a young woman hanging on the wall. In the right foreground, two women are facing the work. One is leaning towards the other, as if describing the painting to her.
Square format photo. Inside a museum. In the foreground, two people are facing each other, a man and a woman. Both are holding their arms out wide. In the background, paintings of seascapes.
Portrait format photo. Four people sitting on chairs in groups of two. In each group, one person is blindfolded while the other seems to be talking into his ear.

Souffleurs d'Images federates a network of visually impaired people (specialised associations and individual blind and partially sighted people), cultural players (establishments and artists), artistic education establishments and volunteers. The service is based on a principle of cooperation and exchange, whereby each stakeholder becomes involved and becomes a partner.

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