International Red Cross and Red Crescent
International Red Cross and Red Crescent



We have the largest collection of humanitarian posters in the world.

These posters have been donated or deposited at the Museum by National Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies.

Created to inform and support people, or distributed on a larger scale to raise funds, posters have always had a direct impact on the Movement's ability to communicate.


The images in the Museum and Movement collections vary widely in provenance and intention.

Reading them highlights the complexity of the image itself, and the humanitarian work it attempts to represent.

We always explore their meaning, but also the way we look at them. Because a photograph is never a banal or passive act. While it does indeed tell a story, it is certainly worth less than a thousand words.


One of the functions of ICRC delegates is to visit prisons to ensure that the rights of detainees are respected under the Third Geneva Convention. Some of them offer a handmade gift as a sign of appreciation to the person visiting them on behalf of the International Committee of the Red Cross.

The ICRC has donated hundreds of objects from prisoners to the Museum.