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Let's Talk About Mental Health!

Caring with affected populations: participatory approaches

On the occasion of our "Mental Health" year (2022/2023) we are collaborating with the Geneva Centre for Humanitarian Studies (Dr. Valérie Gorin) and the Interfaculty Centre for Affective Sciences at the University of Geneva (Dr. Marzia Varutti). Throughout the year, a series of 5 thematic conversations will bring together specialized discussants from different fields of expertise in the informal and inspiring settings of our exhibitions. Together, we will explore questions such as: What are the new therapeutic perspectives in emergency contexts ? How to represent mental health ? How can I take care of myself or others?

Our approach seeks to offer critical tools and practical resources to a broad audience in order to destigmatize mental health issues.

4th conversation: Caring with affected populations: participatory approaches

Arts therapy and recreational activities such as sports, music or drama, are increasingly being used to address trauma, stress and violence faced by communities in disasters, armed conflicts or migration. This discussion will question how participatory approached can help to heal collectively. How can approaches, such as participative theatre, contribute to the wellbeing of communities, even after episodes of extreme violence? How adaptable are such methods to different audiences and contexts?


  • Yan Duyvendak, Artistic Director and Project Manager at the HES-SO
  • Christoph Hensch, Co-Founder of CoCreate Humanity
  • Natacha Koutchoumov, Co-Director of La Comédie de Genève
  • Guglielmo Schinina, Head of the Global Section for Mental Health, Psychosocial Support and Intercultural Communication, IOM

The discussion will be held in English only.