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Let's Talk About Mental Health!

Caring in emergencies: new therapeutic perspective

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On the occasion of our "Mental Health" year (2022/2023) we are collaborating with the Geneva Centre for Humanitarian Studies (Dr. Valérie Gorin) and the Interfaculty Centre for Affective Sciences at the University of Geneva (Dr. Marzia Varutti). Throughout the year, a series of 5 thematic conversations will bring together specialized discussants from different fields of expertise in the informal and inspiring settings of our exhibitions. Together, we will explore questions such as: What are the new therapeutic perspectives in emergency contexts ? How to represent mental health ? How can I take care of myself or others?

Our approach seeks to offer critical tools and practical resources to a broad audience in order to destigmatize mental health issues.

2nd discussion: Caring in emergencies: new therapeutic perspectives

  • discussion in English
  • free event, registration HERE
  • panelists: Niamh Fahy, Daniela Ogliastri, Marta Hegyaljai Python

This masterclass focuses on the different therapeutic approaches to take care of the mental and/or psychosocial wellbeing of populations exposed to extreme disruptive events, such as disasters, armed conflicts or migration, whether there are civilians or humanitarian workers. Whereas communities and individuals react differently to hardships, adopting resilient and coping mechanisms, not everyone will develop a traumatic reaction. Therefore, new therapeutic approaches have been designed to address psychic disorders of populations, whether civilians and former combatants.

  • Direct person-to-person basic psychological support
  • Mindfulness and meditation techniques
  • Open space activity
  • Group Integrative adapt therapy (to train psychologists and para-professionals)
  • Interpersonal therapy (WHO)

Niamh Fahy is a Peer mental health practitioner, Coordinator, as well as co-trainer and co-creator of courses for the Geneva Recovery College. She has worked for 20 years as a teacher for the Geneva Department of Education before having to face up to severe mental health issues. In her recovery process, amongst other things, she qualified as a "peer mental health practitioner" and it is as such that she works for the Geneva Recovery College.

Daniela Ogliastri is a Clinical psychologist and an expert in global MHPSS. For more than 20 years Daniela has been supporting populations affected by various forms of violence in development and humanitarian settings. In her current role as staff psychologist in ICRC's Staff health Center of expertise, Daniela is responsible for the supervision of internal psychological support provided to ICRC field staff around the world and contributes to ensure a comprehensive and inclusive access to external psychological care when needed.

Marta Hegyaljai Python is a former ICRC delegate and the President and co-founder of the Association Hypnose Humanitaire (AHH) to support humanitarian workers and the founder, as well as director of MHP-Hypnosis. She is a hypnosis instructor in Switzerland and France and a hypnotherapist. Martha Hegyaljai Python holds a Master's degree in Cultural Anthropology and Psychology and has worked as a Business Coach, Business Coach Lecturer, and Psychotherapist.


Marta Hegyaljai Python
Daniela Ogliastri
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