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Board games on emotions

When emotions get caught up in the game

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Having fun while training our emotional competencies, it’s possible!

How do you surf emotions during a board game night? Besides their fun element, board games are known to facilitate learning and nourish knowledge. Notably, playing board games provides opportunities that help improve one’s emotional skills and shape social interactions with others. As part of our Year of Mental Health (2022–2023), we have teamed up with researchers from the Swiss Centre for Affective Sciences (CISA) at the University of Geneva and UniDistance Suisse

During your visit to the Museum, we invite you to play board games on emotions and to immerse in the universe of emotions! You will be able to play the “Theater of Emotions” and the “Kitchen of Emotions”, two board games focused on emotional competencies and regrouped under the label of chEERS Games. Come and have fun with your family, friends, or newly met players! You will untangle your emotions and find new perspectives of the emotional events of our daily lives. Our game masters and researchers are looking forward to guide you through this inner adventure!

Game Masters:

  • Alexandra Zaharia

  • Andrea Samson

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