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Franziska Greber, "Uprooted and Apart"

Attentive to the diversity of voices we welcome, we position ourselves as a platform for reflection and debate. In 2021/2022, we inaugurated our first annual thematic cycle: "Gender & Diversity". Together with many partners from different cultural backgrounds, we explored this societal theme and imagined, together, what a feminist, inclusive and committed museum would be.

In this context, we welcomed the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) to the Museum. On the occasion of International Day for the Elimination of Sexual Violence in Conflict on 19 June 2022 and throughout the month, the ICRC shared its expertise in combating sexual violence, highlighting the voices of survivors and the focus on prevention.

Together, the Museum and the ICRC presented "UpRooted and Apart", a work by Swiss artist and psychotherapist Franziska Greber. Through the experiences and voices of survivors, she addresses the impact of sexual violence in times of conflict to contribute to its prevention and eradication.

"UpRooted and Apart" consists of an outdoor installation in Geneva, at the Palais des Nations (Parc de l'Ariana) and at the Place du Rhône. Together, these elements form a coherent work. UpRooted consists of two 8-metre trees. This installation was presented by the ICRC in collaboration with the United Nations Office in Geneva and the City of Geneva.

© Franziska Greber, "UpRooted and Apart".

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