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"Art and Humanitarian Action: What is Possible?"

In this book, academics, artists and humanitarian practitioners set out some possible answers to the issues at stake in humanitarian challenges, the impact of natural disasters, pandemics and digitalization on our societies. Can art help us make sense of this complexity and grasp its implications or our everyday lives? This is the central question that this book seeks to address. It leads to many others.

The content of this book builds on the discussions that took place during ART AND HUMANITY: WHAT IS POSSIBLE?, an online symposium that we organised in 2021 with the HEAD - Geneva and the International Committee of the Red Cross, in partnership with the Geneva Red Cross. This symposium was held to coincide with the exhibition CONCERNED: 30 ARTISTS FACED WITH HUMANITARIAN ISSUES, presented at the Museum from 27 April to 26 September 2021.

The dust jacket for this publication features a new work by Swiss artist Gilles Furtwängler: a constellation of some of the hundreds of messages left by people visiting our CONCERNED exhibition, who were asked "What question do you have about humanitarian action?".