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Tech for good ?

Data visualisation workshop with Julia Janicki

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How data can be used for awareness-raising and information purposes ?

Join a hands on workshop with Julia Janicki, a specialist in data journalism and data storytelling who tackles powerful issues through powerful visualizations. Create your own !

In this workshop, you will be able to learn how she creates data visualisations and data-driven stories. Julia Janicki will go over her process in detail by using key examples taken from her work. You will follow her in all the steps of the process: setting goals, finding and cleaning data, exploration and creation, polishing and publishing. You will receive a cleaned dataset, and in groups of 3-4, you will be able to take the dataset and use different tools to create a graphic with an angle of your choice. You will share the result and can expect feedback from Julia Janicki. 

Would you like to chat over a drink after the conference? An aperitif will be offered by the museum !

  • It is recommended, but not mandatory, to bring your laptop.

  • 25 participants maximum

  • From 16 years old

  • In English

Julia is a data journalist and data visualization developer / specialist who is interested particularly in environmental issues, biodiversity conservation, democracy, human rights and science + tech. She currently works at AFP and some of her past clients include Reuters Graphics, Global Fishing Watch, Climate Policy Initiative, the Urban Institute and various UN organizations.  She was the data journalism fellow at the Centre for Humanitarian Data in 2021. Previously, Julia worked at a biodiversity/biocomplexity lab at the Okinawa Institute of Science & Technology, where she was on a team that developed  She received two M.S. degrees from UW-Madison in Entomology and Environmental Observation and Informatics, the latter focusing on solving environmental issues using spatial and satellite image analysis.

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